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Don’t Become a Target; 10 Tips on Holiday Safety!

It’s that time again! Kris Kringle is in full swing as the holiday season is upon us! While this time of year is festive and full of love and giving, it’s also the time of year when people become so focused on the season they oftentimes become warm hearted shopping and delivering gifts to the point of forgetting that…

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How to Stay Safe on Campus

Arizona State University has four campuses spread across the Phoenix metropolitan area.  The Tempe campus is known as the largest of ASU’s campuses, with about 60,000 students enrolled in at least one class on that particular campus. With such an enormous amount of students in one area coupled with the upcoming holiday season, safety should be an absolute top priority.   Recent…

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Be Safe This Halloween

Halloween is such an exciting time of year! It’s starting to get cooler outside, haunted houses are back again, and you can’t forget about carving pumpkins and snacking on an occassional Snickers Bar. Not only is Halloween in the middle of fall, it also marks the start of the Holiday Season as celebrations and party planning goes into full…

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Movie Theater Safety

Wanting to Feel Safe We all love going to the movie to catch that block buster movie of the season. We walk in with anticipation and excitement builds as the smell of delicious popcorn fills the air. The ticket taker greets you with enthusiasm and directs you to your designated area where your movie of choice is premiering. Going…

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Security Alarm Response:

  The Benefits of Privatization Even before the “Great Recession” of 2008-2009, law enforcement budgets were stretched thin. From Chicago to Texas and New York to California, many municipal police departments were obliged to institute hiring freezes or reduce the number of sworn officers. Despite these budget and labor constraints, however, law enforcement is being asked to assume even…

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No Parking Violations

In this day and age, owning a vehicle is a necessity and it seems that every family owns a minimum of two vehicles. Due to this trend and the limited number of parking spaces available in many communities, many associations have adopted parking rules and restrictions. Despite the existence of such restrictions, it is not unusual for owners and…

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Tips for Staying Safe this Memorial Day Weekend

Tips for Staying Safe this Memorial Day Weekend Everyone looks forward to Memorial Day barbecues, afternoons at the beach and honoring our fallen heroes. However, it’s easy to get caught up planning fun activities, that you overlook safety and security precautions at home when you’re looking forward to getting away. These reminders will help to get everything organized, so you…

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Backflow and Copper theft on the rise

Peoria police investigate thefts of backflow preventers, water meters.  As the temperature rises in Arizona, so does crime. For the past two months statistics by the Phoenix Police department have shown that both Backflow and Copper theft are on the rise.  “Each of these thefts costs private businesses, the city of Peoria and taxpayers between $1,000 and $2,500 per…

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The Significance of being the Best of the Best

  We often hear about awards and recognition within our industry, but what is the significance behind these awards? The experts at AZ Big Media have furnished us with information about exactly what it means to be considered “The Best of the Best”. Ranking Arizona is an annual publication that has been in print for 18 years and is the…

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Increasing Business Security with a 24-Hour Officer

Unplanned incidents on your commercial property could mean unexpected costs for your business. If you want to increase the security of your business, you should consider hiring a 24-hour security guard to keep an eye on the building even when all of your employees have gone home. Hiring a professional security guard for your commercial real estate is easier than you…

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