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VSS Security Services Reporting

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VSS Security Services personnel in the field can receive and respond to security issues that are sent right to their smartphone. All information is received in real-time and are able to be viewed 24 hours a day. Security will be able to capture photographs and record audio files that are automatically attached to the reported issue. Below are the services offered:

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Register Vehicle

Order parking permits right from the VSS-Trax system.

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Report an Issue

Report a security, parking, and maintenance issue.

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Parking Violation

View, pay, and appeal parking violation tickets.

Real-Time Response

Ensuring the safety and security of your office or complex requires a security company who can respond to situations in real-time. Bringing a proactive approach to the security industry is something VSS Security Services has done for over 34 years. Our on-site patrol utilize the power of VSS Trax connectivity, which allows them to be alerted of violations as they happen. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact the VSS team to set up a Call Today

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