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Tips for Staying Safe this Memorial Day Weekend

Tips for Staying Safe this Memorial Day Weekend

Everyone looks forward to Memorial Day barbecues, afternoons at the beach and honoring our fallen heroes. However, it’s easy to get caught up planning fun activities, that you overlook safety and security precautions at home when you’re looking forward to getting away. These reminders will help to get everything organized, so you start out your summer safely and secure.

Memorial Day Safety and Security Tips

Little Things Tip Off Burglars

A burglar’s job is to get in and out of your house fast and undetected. He doesn’t want to risk getting caught, so he’ll be scoping out your house for changes that tip him off when you’re not home.

He’ll be watching to see whether the lawn is mowed weekly, if the car is in the driveway, trash cans are ready for pickup and when your lights come on nightly. Not to mention newspapers piling up in the driveway or curtains that aren’t opened daily.

Anyone of these situations that no longer follow your normal schedule could be the tip he’s looking for that tells him you’re on vacation.

To avoid tipping off burglars that you’re not home, consider hiring a house sitter or ask a neighbor to help out. Have somebody pick up the mail and newspapers. Cut your lawn the day before you leave. Make sure lights throughout the home are on a timer that mimics your regular habits.

Mums the Word

It is so fun to talk about where you’re going on vacation with friends, co-workers and social media. After all, everybody wants to know about your plans and what you’ll be doing. However, don’t reveal the details of your trip such as the dates you’ll be gone or whether you have a house sitter. This kind of information is just what thieves are looking for.

Be particularly careful about what you post on Facebook, Blogs or Twitter. You never know what you might accidentally give away about your private residence or personal plans.


Securing the House

Memorial Day Safety and Security Tips for Travel

Memorial Day Safety and Security Tips for the Home 

Memorial Day safety and security tips benefit everyone all year long. Planning and taking safety and security precautions helps to assure that everyone will have an enjoyable and safe summer.


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