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3 Easy Ways To Check If Your Security Guards Are Really Working

Hiring security guards to keep an eye out for your building is one of the first lines of your business’ security. Since you are entrusting your building to these guards, it is essential to make sure that they are efficient and reliable. Security guards are often pre-trained based on your building’s security needs. However, it is your responsibility as…

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Study Finds: U.S. Security Industry to be $350 Billion Market

ASIS International (ASIS) and the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) have released the first comprehensive security market study since 1990. Titled, “The United States Security Industry: Size and Scope, Insights, Trends, and Data,” the study reveals the private security industry’s expansion over the past decade and projected future growth. Within the report is also an analysis of the…

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Security Guard Industry Statistics

Providing world-class security protection in any type of environment is our goal at VSS Security Services and our corporation has the experience, resources and commitment to accomplish this. As security concerns in our country continue to escalate, there is more of a demand for security guards and effective security programs.  Take a look at some statistics for the Private…

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Let’s Talk About Property Management Security

There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being a property manager. First and foremost, a property service company’s most critical role is to ensure the safety and security of the facility being managed. Security professionals secure the facility in many different ways, which depend on the location, hours of operation, assets being protected, if it’s a public or…

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What It Really Means to be a Security Guard

At VSS, we take pride the services that we provide. Over our 26 plus years of doing business, our family-owned company has dedicated time, energy and resources to become an award-winning force in the security industry. It is our job to patrol, observe and report. Despite all of our efforts in providing safety and protection to property, assets and…

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The Importance of Hiring a Security Company

What is so great about hiring a security company, you ask? The list of benefits of hiring security guards goes on and on! Whether you are a small business owner or a retail space owner, one of your main goals should be to keep your employees and customers safe. Hiring a security company protects your business and makes you…

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Tips to Stay Safe this Spring

Are you just itching to get outside? We don’t blame you! While we may not have had the coldest winter temperatures here in Arizona compared to the rest of the country, we’re still anxious to get outside and enjoy the warm, sunny weather! While spring cleaning is always important, it’s also a good idea to make sure your home is…

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Spring Break: Have Fun but Be Safe

Spring is finally approaching! The weather is feeling nice, the sun is starting to come out, and vacations are being taken. But most of all, for college students, spring means spring break.  There are so many risks when it comes to traveling for spring break, regardless of where you are or where you are going. It’s necessary to be…

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Authority to Arrest: What It’s All About

For security officers, the power to arrest is perfect for the private industry. There is a trespassing document that can be obtained by Arizona property managers to give them the power/authority to arrest, better known by security guards as ATA. What happens is that when there are vagrants or homeless people on someone’s property, the guard calls the police…

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Recognizing the Best Behind VSS Security Services

Here at VSS, we value our clients. Our formula enables us to live up to our commitment to our clients, each other and the community. Together, we can exceed goals and achieve superior results. With that being said, we believe that our company employs the best of the best. They are without a doubt superior individuals! Our company wouldn’t…

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