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Why VSS Security? Technology, Patrol, Personnel, Ease

The world revolves around technology. Whether it be smart appliances or automated kiosks at fast food restaurants, technology is playing an ever increasing role in our day-to-day lives. Security services are no exception to this trend: at VSS Security, we pride ourselves on our use of technology to bring about the most comprehensive and accessible security available. Many of our services such as VSS Trax, mobile patrol, alarm response, and even on-site-security, use technology to create a transparent relationship between our customers and security professionals.

VSS Trax

The simple, but very effective technology employed in VSS-Trax may be the difference between an unnoticed threat or violation and an immediate apprehension and solution. The software is simple in that it is centered around the smartphone. The speed in which a violation may be recognized is no longer dependent on camera or alarm systems; all it takes is one push of a button and the problems are solved. Security officers will become aware, though a notification on their smartphone, of a threat or violation as it is occuring. Real-time video and audio recordings are available to be live streamed or stored for the benefit of the customer; nothing will go undocumented. Besides the obvious security benefits of such a system, there are other benefits: data from security officers is automatically entered and stored, making it easy for a customer to analyze and organize the security of their business. 

Mobile Patrol 

An experienced officer is always on patrol. Utilizing explicitly marked company vehicles, officers are trained and experienced to provide a series of inspections that occur each day/night. Security officers on patrol are trained to diversify the time and route of their patrols, resulting in an unpredictable patrol, increasing the difficulty for prospective thieves and criminals. Our mobile patrol vehicles are outfitted with state of the art GPS systems which track the speed, route, duration and idleness. If any of this information is found to deviate from established plans, a VSS dispatch agent is immediately alerted and takes prompt action to rectify the situation. 

Security Officers

Our security officers are the most important part of our company. Through them, we are able to ensure that your property remains secure and prosperous. VSS Security officers are on site 24/7, 365 days a year. The mere presence of a security officer deters crime. Our security officers are trained to use VSS-Trax, which grants them a platform to immediately alert each other of any suspicious activity. Our Security officers are professionals with a reasonable amount of experience; they are constantly and randomly visited by other VSS personnel to guarantee that the security officer is honoring their commitments to you, our valued customer. 

Social Proof
VSS Security is proud to serve our customers for over 30 years. We care about your property and technology as if it was ours. We at VSS Security pledge to be the best – we will not waiver from our commitment to continually maintain time spirit; based upon pride, integrity and ethics with mutual respect within VSS and to their esteemed clients. This superior formula enables VSS Security to guarantee our promises to our valued clients, and to the communities where we are established and respected. Contact us to see how we can protect your property.

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