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How to Know If Your Security Guard Is Sleeping On The Job

Security guards work long hours – most of them even work day and night. One of the biggest challenges they face while working is not sleeping on the job. Some are finding it hard to fight sleepiness, while some thought they won’t be caught and just being blatantly disrespectful. Regardless, you should make sure that you know if your guards are actually doing their jobs.


Here are the most common signs of snoozing during the shifts that you should look out for:

  1. Turned down office lights in the security area

  1. Footprints on chair

  1. Balled up shirts or any piece of clothing

  1. Long periods in between patrols

  1. Your guard looks groggy or disoriented during your unexpected stop

These are just some basic signs that are easy to catch during your unexpected visit. Arriving at your usual start time will give them enough time to clean up and eliminate all nap time signs. Therefore, you should sometimes surprise them to see if they are really working on their hours of duty.

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