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Why It Is Important to Have on Site Security: Four Reasons Why You NEED On-Site Security for Your Business

Your business is one of your most important assets. Not only do you spend most of your time building it up, generating customers, and purchasing inventory, your business is most likely the means to life. With how important it is, you want to make sure it’s safe and secure from crime during and after hours. According to the FBI, the national crime rate has been on the rise since 2014. With an increase in crime and unpredicatable times, on-site security is an important option to consider to protect what you have built up. In hindsight, we protect our families, our houses and other properties from dangerous intruders, possible violence, anything destructive. This is inherent in humans – we need to protect what is ours. Does this not mean the same for your business?

On-site security is the service of having a security guard and other security assets protect your place of business during and after hours. After hours, these security guards will usually do “rounds” and have eyes on the property to watch for persons committing crimes such as robbery and vandalism to your buisness. During hours, on-site security will act as an active guard in your place of business to watch over customers and make sure that everything is in order. 

Here are four reasons why you NEED to hire on-site private security for your place of buisness:

  1. Employees Will Feel Safer

Employees are integral to your buisness. Their happiness, sense of safety, comfortability, etc. are all related to their productivity. In short, when employees feel comfortable, productivity rises. Taking action in the workplace to improve employee security may prove to be profitable. Security cameras and alarms work well and help create a safe environment, but not as well as on-site security: “Preventative private policing in public spaces is causally linked to both reductions in prevalence of victims as well as higher counts of offenders detected” (Ariel, et al.). Additionally, a situation may become violent – in that a guard would be necessary. In order to improve the productivity, safety, and culture, while diminishing any real threat of crime or violence, a firm should hire on site security staff.

  1. Decrease in the loss of assets from criminal activity 

Businesses are filled with valuable assets. Whether they be ideas, inventory, or investments, our places of business may be hotspots of criminal activity. According to NASP, $13 Billion is lost to shoplifting every year – that’s only in retail. Destruction of property, vandalism – any unruly behavior is opposed directly with on site security. With real people constantly patrolling and monitoring the property, the threat of financially destructive crime is eliminated. 

  1. Security Guards may notice non-criminal 

The main purpose of on-site security is to prevent crime, but what if something breaks, leaks, floods? By having a 24/7 patrol, any damages resulting from delayed reaction to a mechanical, electrical, or plumbing disaster will be avoided. Something like a gas leak, a fire, flooding, etc. – all very expensive to repair and replace. A guard who is patrolling 24/7 would notice something much quicker than a camera or an alarm. In the long run, hiring an on site-security service will save money for you and your firm by helping to avoid expensive, undesirous occurrences.

  1. Increase the prestige of the business 

When a business employs on-site security guards, it is implied that they place value on the safety of their customers and assets. Hiring an employee of such a sort is an organized approach to actively improve the business. This increases the prestige of the business. Only a place with value is worth protecting. Customers may notice the presence of the security guard and not only be drawn to the outward appearance of safety and protection, but respect the care, effort, and values associated with hiring on site security personnel. When customers assume a high level of professionalism in a business, they will be more inclined to shop there. 

VSS provides world-class security protection including on-site security to businesses in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Mishawaka areas. VSS also offers VSS-Trax, an advanced online reporting system and portal which allows you to report and communicate incidents and issues to your on-site security guard. With providing security to countless businesses for over 30 years, protect your most important asset, your business, with VSS Security Services.

Sources: Ariel, B., Bland, M., & Sutherland, A. (2017). ‘Lowering the threshold of effective deterrence’-Testing the effect of private security agents in public spaces on crime: A randomized controlled trial in a mass transit system. PloS one, 12(12), e0187392.

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