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About VSS-Trax

VSS-Trax Powered by Silvertrac Software a proprietary, mobile, real-time field reporting software for smart phones. The activated mobile handset interfaces live event data with a proprietary web-based database-reporting module (the “database” or “web”). A typical customer uses the smart phone as a real-time tool to record job relevant data, such as employee log-in information, assigned tasks, asset tracking, onsite event or incident pictures, video, audio and text for purposes of easily recording issues, job accountability, electronic reporting, and value added customer service to provide up to the minute reporting, logging and monitoring of events. The smart phone software has proven to provide a significant competitive advantage to VSS Security Services prospects when bidding for new security, property maintenance and management contracts. Customers can easily view the web console to see an aggregate overview of all real-time, time-stamped, reported issues, and users can see these reported issues on a property by property, user by user, issue by issue, or aggregate basis. VSS-Trax potential customer base includes any person, corporation, institution or entity where real-time, accountable data needs to be captured, stored and easily managed, monitored and retrieved.

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