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What It Really Means to be a Security Guard

At VSS, we take pride the services that we provide. Over our 26 plus years of doing business, our family-owned company has dedicated time, energy and resources to become an award-winning force in the security industry. It is our job to patrol, observe and report.

Despite all of our efforts in providing safety and protection to property, assets and people, there is an unfortunate negative connotation when people think of the words “security guard” or “security officer.” Security personnel prevent risks and deter crime, while watching out for potential danger. They report any crime that they may encounter. The most important objective of any security guard is the prevention of crime, and all duties performed are aimed at this one purpose.

A Few Duties of a Security Guard:

Security guards put themselves at risk each and every day, but popular culture likes to hide that fact and show the industry from a comical perspective. YouTube videos, films and Halloween costumes alike may showcase this occupation as a joke, but there is much more that goes into the duties and responsibilities that individuals in this industry must face.

Changing perception on security guards is extremely important. Security guards deserve to be recognized for the hard and tedious work they put in. It’s critical to diminish the negative stereotypes so that the level of respect, professionalism and training necessary of today’s security professionals is conveyed and understood by the public. 

VSS will not place an officer on duty until he is competent and certified in the areas of federal, state and local laws, power of arrest, basic first aid and report writing. We achieve this by exceeding all state-required training. 

Officer Capabilities:

Guards deserve our applause and respect. The Freedonia Group reports that “global demand for private contract security services is forced to increase 6.9 percent per year to $267 billion in 2018.” If this industry is growing so rapidly, think about how the need for comprehensively trained individuals increases as well. Without the earned respect from others, this job doesn’t look so good from the outside. We all like to feel appreciated.

It’s sad to see that pop culture portrays security officers in such a bad light. First off, you must be one brave and hard working man or woman to do this job. As a security guard, you are often put in high-risk situations, like dealing with criminals who are engaged in theft, trespassing, vandalism and other illegal activities. It’s not always easy to be on the lookout and have to respond to certain situations like guards have to do.

So, next time you see a security officer on the job, thank him or her for their service in keeping your environment safe and secure. Don’t you sleep better at night knowing that trained professionals are on the job and looking out for YOU? They put their lives on the line in order to protect others. That should bring you comfort and satisfaction. 

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