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Our service enables the use of the latest security technology, accountability systems and custom uniforms. We tailor each job to specific and unique needs for each of our clients.

We offer custom scheduling of service and perform a range of duties designed to each specific job. Mobile officers utilize the Deggy Guard Tour System and submit a level of reporting that is unrivaled.

We use only state-of-the-art technology that can monitor and dispatch in real time. Our monitoring interfaces with all technology partners’ equipment and reporting software. We also provide certified operators and technicians 24/7.

What Is VSS-Trax?
Complete Facility Management - Executive Reporting & Command - Vehicle Verification & Parking
VSS TRAX is a state of the art, green friendly software powered by SilverTrac Software. In the field our personnel can immediately receive and respond to security situations with their hand held devices, phones, pda's, etc. The Smartphone capability provides the exact details of the situation in real time to our officers enabling them to take swift action. All issues are time stamped reported and recorded in our database for quality assurance and control. Our service allows us to catch time stamped photos and audio files that are attached to the report in real time. Our client portal allows customers to access, view and monitor all activity on site including audio. This enables our customers to have piece of mind with their security services. All information is in absolute real time and tracked through the VSS TRAX "issue Monitor". This service is available from anywhere in the world and accessible 24/7.